Building information certificate

What is a building information certificate

A building information certificate is issued under section 6.7 of the Environmental Planning & Assessment Act 1979.

The certificate can apply to the whole or part of a building and is valid for seven years. It is usually sought by buyers or sellers of a property to make sure that a particular building and its land can remain as they are for that period of time - without regulatory action being taken by Council. A building information certificate does not prevent Council from issuing notices and orders in relation to unauthorised works or fire safety matters.

Furthermore, a building information certificate does not certify that the building complies with all legal and safety requirements relating to swimming pool barriers and fencing, fire safety and other public health and safety matters.

Applying for a building information certificate

The application for a building information certificate form may be lodged by:

You are required to include the details for access arrangements to assist us to carry out an inspection of the premises or property.

Minor residential development building information certificate

Dwellings and multiple dwelling housing are considered minor residential development.

For this type of development, a current survey needs to be submitted with the application form. The survey needs to be a true representation of all structures on the land at the time of the submission of the building information certificate.

Residential flat buildings, commercial or industrial development building information certificate

A current floor plan of the subject premises and site locality plan is required to be submitted with the application form.

Building information certificate fees

Applications must be accompanied by the legislated building certificate fee.

Council assessment

In order to determine an application for a building information certificate, Council will inspect the building and review relevant Council records and documentation submitted as part of the application.

Further information may be requested to enable Council to issue the building information certificate.

An additional assessment fee will be payable if we need to carry out more than one inspection, or if the floor area of the overall building is greater than that stated in the application.

Council’s current timeframe for assessment of building information certificates lodged with all required information is approximately ten working days. This timeframe does not apply to applications where illegal or unauthorised works are involved.

Page last updated: 03 October 2018