Building certification

Once you have obtained development consent, you must appoint a Principal Certifying Authority (PCA).

As a property owner it is important to decide whether you engage Council's service Lake Mac Planning and Building Service or a private certifier to approve your construction certificate and undertake the certification and inspection work for your development.

What is a Principal Certifying Authority

A PCA is the person or authority responsible for ensuring compliance with the conditions of development consent, the Building Code of Australia, and the objectives of the Environmental Planning & Assessment (EP&A) Act 1979.

A PCA is required to:

A PCA can be either a Private Accredited Certifier or Lake Macquarie City Council's Lake Mac Planning and Building Service. Private certifiers are professionals accredited under schemes managed by authorised bodies approved by the Minister for Planning.

If you appoint a private certifier, Council's role is limited. However, you must notify Council at least two days before commencing works of whom you have appointed as your PCA, by completing a Notice of Commencement application form.

We encourage you to engage Lake Mac Planning and Building Service to conduct the approval and inspection functions associated with your development proposal.

Further information

For further information about our building and development related services please contact our Customer Service Centre on 02 4921 0333.

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