Entitlements and benefits

Our employees enjoy many unique conditions and benefits as set out in the current Enterprise Agreement (EA).

We know that it is important for people to work in an organisation that provides more than just a job. Meaningful work, the capacity to balance life's priorities and the opportunity to develop and grow professionally and personally are recognised as fundamental needs for our workforce.

Roster cycles – flexible working hours

We are committed to providing a working environment that is sufficiently flexible to meet the operational requirements and workload demands of Council while accommodating, where possible, the needs of its employees. Where practical, across the organisation employees either work a nine day fortnight (roster) or nine day fortnight (flexi time).

Nine-day fortnight (roster): employees commencing and finishing times and their roster day which occurs every two-weeks, is scheduled.

Nine-day fortnight (flexi time): employees are able to adjust their commencing and finishing times in order to maintain some flexibility in their working lives.

How you are paid

The pay week runs from Monday to Sunday, employees are paid weekly by direct deposit into the financial institution of their choice.

Superannuation – choice of fund

Council is required to pay superannuation in accordance with the Superannuation Guarantee Act. These contributions will be paid into an Australian complying superannuation fund of your own choice.

Leave options

Under the current Lake Macquarie City Council Enterprise Agreement, employees are entitled to the following types of leave:

Personal leave (for sick and carer's leave): employees are entitled to 15-days (pro rata for part time employees) personal leave they can access if they are unable to attend work due to personal illness/injury or to provide care to their spouse/partner or immediate family.

Additional annual leave: for each year of service, employees (other than a casual) are entitled to 4-weeks annual leave, (pro rata for part time employees). Permanent employees may request to purchase additional annual leave to the maximum value of two-weeks.

Long service leave: employees may access their long service leave after five-years of service.

Career break leave: permanent employees may request an extended period of unpaid or purchased leave as career break leave.

Paid parental leave

Taking time away from work for a new baby is a common part of working life. Council provides employees with entitlements that will help parents spend more time at home with a new baby and help us keep skilled and valuable staff. In addition to the 18-weeks Government Funded Paid Parental Leave (PPL) scheme, we also offer generous parental leave entitlements. The choice of entitlements includes, but is not limited to:

Education assistance

We encourage employee development by providing monetary and educational leave assistance for approved studies, which are of demonstrable value to both Council and the employee.

Learning and development opportunities

We are committed to ensuring our employees have access to the training they require to undertake their role.

Leaseback vehicle/alternative benefit

We offer employees leaseback arrangements for vehicles where a vehicle is required for operational purposes. In some instances, employees may be offered an alternative benefit to a leaseback vehicle if the position does not require a vehicle for operational purposes.

Dress standards

Our preferred dress code for indoor staff is Council's Corporate Wardrobe, which is available to purchase. Otherwise, our indoor staff are required to present themselves both to the community and fellow staff in corporate business attire. Relevant Council staff will be issued with work wear and related Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) and are required to wear it whilst at work to comply with Council's policies and ensure they are protected.

Page last updated: 07 December 2018