Education to employment

In 2015, Council launched our Education-to-Employment (or E2E) Program, which focuses on recruiting people into trainee, apprentice and cadet roles in order to develop skills and provide valuable work experience.

The E2E Program allows participants to work in a term contract position while studying for a formal qualification. We support participants by paying for course costs and providing paid study leave.

Positions can be in a range of different areas in Council such as:

The E2E Program is a major workforce initiative that is at the forefront of our overall Workforce Management Strategy, and we are committed to increasing the number of people and positions in the program each year.

The program allows Council to develop job opportunities in the local area and increases our ability to manage skill shortages, an ageing workforce and the ongoing development of our people.

We recognise that our people are critical to the successful operation of Council, and delivery of services and facilities to the community to achieve the objectives of the Community Strategic Plan.

Work experience at Council

We aim to facilitate the acquisition of job related skills and knowledge through work experience placements for people undertaking educational training either at school, TAFE or university.

The number of work experience placements available depends on the ability of the work area to provide effective on the job work experience at a time suitable to both the department and the student.

If you are interested in undertaking work experience with us or would like further information, read and complete the Work Experience application form and email it to our Human Resources team

Page last updated: 05 January 2016