About Council

Lake Macquarie City Council

Council serves a population of about 200,000 people and contributes to the enhancement of a unique coastal, lake and bush environment.

Our vision is to achieve a balance between the environment and development of the City. We encourage community spirit and participation in a broad range of sport, recreation and community activities, through the range of Council's services and facilities. The economic prosperity of the City, development of cultural diversity and protection of the City's heritage are also on our list of priorities.

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Beyond rates, roads and rubbish, Council provides a vast range of facilities, infrastructure and services. When you walk along the lake foreshore at Warners Bay, when you visit the library or art gallery, when you play sports on an oval or cricket field, when you enjoy the clean and tidy amenity of a picnic area or drop your child to a Lake Macquarie Family Day Care educator, you are enjoying the work of Lake Macquarie City Council.


The 1100 people in our workforce come from a wide range of vocational backgrounds, ranging from commercial cleaning, horticulture, finance, town planning and construction through to community and recreation planning, childcare, marketing, building surveying, labouring, engineering and many more types of professions.

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Organisational structure

Council is divided into clusters to ensure efficient operations. The Chief Executive Officer works closely with the elected Council in setting the long-term direction of the organisation, and is responsible for leading employees in implementing these plans. The elected Council appoints the Chief Executive Officer, and the Chief Executive Officer appoints all other staff.

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The role of the Mayor and Councillors

The Mayor's role

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A Councillor's role

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Council Chamber

The Council Chamber is where the Mayor and councillors of Lake Macquarie meet to debate important matters such as policy development and some development approvals. The Chamber is also used for Citizenship and Awards ceremonies, for Council presentations, and for Council Meetings, which can be attended by the public.

Vision and values

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Council history

Learn about the history of Lake Macquarie City Council

Organisational structure

View the organisational structure of Lake Macquarie City Council

School tours

School children can attend an educational tour of Council

Citizenship ceremonies

Council holds a ceremony each year on Australia Day

Council working sustainably

Council is working hard to reduce the environmental footprint of our oper…

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