Activities for seniors

There is a wide range of activities throughout the City, suitable for older adults. Activities include:

Our Community Directory contains lists of these activities, including links and contact details.

Ageing Population Plan 2018-2022

Lake Macquarie has an older population than the NSW average. People aged 55 years and over account for 33.8% of our Local Government Area’s population.

We understand that issues relating to urban planning, housing, recreation, community facilities and services have a significant impact on the wellbeing of older adults.

The Ageing Population Plan allows Council to allocate funds, establish policies and partnerships to tackle the local issues affecting the ageing population. Each strategy has a timeframe, an indication of the resources required and responsibility area for implementation.

Ageing and Disability Panel

To ensure equality of access to services and facilities for all residents of our City, the Panel was established in 2010.

It provides Council with advice on the broad range of issues that affect seniors, people with a disability and carers, also providing information back into the community on Council services and plans.

Issues discussed include access to services and facilities, pedestrian infrastructure, transport, health, housing, support services and activities.

The panel consists of elected members from:

For more details, read the Ageing and Disability Panel Terms of Reference.

To learn more about the Panel and see if you can become a member and for membership details, contact our Customer Service Centre on 02 4921 0333.

Support services

Find out more about home support services

Housing options

Housing options available for older people in the local area

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