Cultural strategy and policy

The arts, heritage and culture are the foundations upon which vibrant, resilient and industrious communities are built, and Council is committed to supporting the growth and diversity of world-class cultural and artistic activities in Lake Macquarie.

We have recently launched a new vision that will see Council play a more active role in fostering creativity throughout the City over the next decade.

This new vision is for a vibrant, contemporary and cosmopolitan Lake Macquarie City that actively celebrates, promotes and values the arts, heritage, culture and diversity of our community.

The Lake Macquarie Arts Heritage and Cultural Plan 2017-2027 details nine goals with 39 strategies and more than 80 actions to achieve this new vision for arts, heritage and culture in our City.

The plan is a direct reflection of the growing aspirations of our City and its people. It represents a shift in focus that will see Council play a pivotal role in creating new programs, partnerships and collaborative initiatives throughout Lake Macquarie City aligned to the nine goals:

  1. Celebrate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Culture
  2. Develop our City’s visual identity
  3. Champion local heritage and history
  4. Celebrate connectedness
  5. Actively encourage creative learning and experiences
  6. Continuously improve Council’s cultural facilities
  7. Foster open communication, partnerships and leadership
  8. Value and support our creative industry and cultural economy
  9. Communicate our culture: be local, aim global

Council’s suite of arts, heritage and cultural strategy documents includes

Arts, Heritage and Cultural Plan 2017-2027

Arts, Heritage and Cultural Policy

Destination Management Plan 2018-2022

Urban and Public Art Policy

Arts, Heritage and Cultural Mapping Project 2017

Arts, Heritage and Cultural Plan 2017 - Community Engagement, Feedback and Consultation

Event and Festival Strategy and Action Plan 2019-2024

Page last updated: 10 July 2019