Pulbah Island Nature Reserve

Pulbah Island is a small island in Lake Macquarie. The southern and western sides of the island have a rocky sandstone cliff face and shore line. The environment consists of open woodland with grey gum, scribbly gum, stringy bark, and yellow box trees, and an understorey of native grasses.

Pulbah Island is important to the Awabakal People because of two mythological stories, one being of Naruta-Ka-Wa, the Great Sky Lizard of Pulbah Island.

There are two small midden sites on Pulbah Island and archaeological evidence suggests that the midden sites pre-date European arrival in the area.

Pulbah Island Nature Reserve is an Aboriginal Place and is co-managed by the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service in consultation with the Awabakal people.

Page last updated: 24 October 2015