Bernie Goodwin Memorial Park

Council has developed a Master Plan for Bernie Goodwin Memorial Park, which will guide the park’s transformation into an exciting recreation precinct.

Some of the upgrades and improvements included in the Plan include:

Stage one works

While undertaking stage one of the works at Bernie Goodwin Memorial Park contractors’ unearthed asbestos.

All works on-site were stopped immediately, the site secured and investigations began to determine the level of contamination.

The contamination discovered was below the surface, and is not considered to have presented a risk to public safety prior to the discovery. However, as Council is now aware of the contamination, all necessary steps are being taken to ensure the location is safe moving forward.

The site presents no safety concerns to the community and is being continually monitored by Council.

Next steps

We are working with qualified and trusted contamination consultants to develop a remediation strategy for the management of asbestos at the site. Temporary fencing will remain in place around the playground area while we will finalise a remediation strategy for the site and begin remediation.

Works to complete the barbecue area are expected to be completed in the short-term and this section of the reserve, which is unaffected by contamination, will re-open to the community.

Unfortunately, the discovery of asbestos has caused significant delays to the project. We will provide further updates to the community as more information becomes available.

Page last updated: 16 May 2019