City works

Council is committed to the revitalisation of the city through its major projects. Find out more about major projects and works near you below.

Major roadworks

See what major roadworks are underway across the City

Art Gallery expansion

A $2.3 million expansion of the Art Gallery will be completed in 2019

Speers Point to Glendale shared pathway

Works are underway to extend the Speers Point to Glendale shared pathway

Thomas H Halton Park

We are transforming Thomas H Halton Park at Croudace Bay

Bernie Goodwin Memorial Park

Bernie Goodwin Memorial Park is undergoing a transformation

Toronto Swim Centre

A major renovation of Toronto Swim Centre is currently underway

Rathmines Community Hall

Plans to redevelop Rathmines Community Hall are underway

LED Rollout

Ausgrid is introducing energy efficient streetlights in Lake Macquarie

Page last updated: 21 September 2018