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Lake Mac Open Data

Open data is data that is freely available for anyone to use without restrictions from copyright or patents.

One of our key initiatives identified in Lake Mac Smart City, Smart Council is to provide real world data online and free of charge to the public. This open data could include the location of toilets, community facilities and information about development applications, water quality and more.

So far, we have published more than 40 datasets on the Federal Government’s open data portal, as well as on our website.

Sharing open data allows app developers, researchers and the community to access information to help make informed decisions, for scientific research, or to include in apps. To find out more about open data, visit the Open Data Institute.

Government open data

Federal Government open data portal

Federal Government National Map

NSW Government open data

NSW Transport open data

NSW Office of Environment and Heritage open data

NSW Planning Portal

Page last updated: 23 October 2018