Charlestown Innovation Precinct

Smart Cities and Suburbs round 1 grant project

Council is committed to improving people’s experience of public places and facilities and has partnered with the University of Technology Sydney to investigate emerging technologies for:

Improving our understanding of how and when the community uses plazas, parks, streets, public amenities, and pools under different environmental conditions provides us with invaluable information to improve the performance of these places and customer experiences.

The project is enabled by the Federal Government’s Smart Cities and Suburbs Grant Program. People counting and environmental sensors will be trialled more broadly around Charlestown.

These activities, combined with community engagement and the presence of the Dantia Smart Hub on Pearson Street Mall, are part of the Charlestown Innovation Precinct (ChIP).

We will also conduct trials in other parts of the city, such as Speers Point Park.

Our activities in ChIP are supported by a larger initiative of the University of Technology Sydney known as Technology for Urban Liveability Program (TULIP), which includes the City of Sydney.

How we are doing it

Place performance

We are trialling automated people counting and environmental sensors to better understand how people use public places and under what conditions they are used.

We can do this by using near-real-time data and daily, monthly and yearly data datasets to inform how we manage and design places.

The devices do not generate data on individuals and do not contain cameras.

As part of this initiative we are also inviting the community to participate in creating and installing new technologies. Our first exploration of this is the Smart Liveable Neighbourhoods Challenge.

We are also investigating how best to share new data insights with the community as open data.

Place experience

We are investigating applying the above and other new technologies to create more playful, interactive and comfortable places. The main demonstration of this will be the revitalisation of Pearson Street Mall. This design will be guided by community feedback. For the latest updates on the Pearson Street Mall project, visit Shape Lake Mac.

What we expect to learn

We don’t really have a robust picture of how people use public places. We want to first learn how to generate this information at a local scale, and secondly, how to apply this information to improve the future design and maintenance of places. We also want to find the best ways to make these new data insights open and available for the community.

The initiative will run until late 2019.

Find out more

Visit Shape Lake Mac or contact us for more information.

Page last updated: 14 March 2019