Adopt a sensor

Adopt a Sensor and become a citizen scientist!

Lake Macquarie City Council and the University of Technology Sydney are running the Adopt a Sensor Pilot Project based in the Charlestown Innovation Precinct (ChIP).

The aim of the project is to help gather new information about how our suburbs and neighbourhoods perform in times of extreme climate events. This information will then guide improvements to the comfort, safety and sustainability of our City.

Your adopted sensor will be part of a wider deployment of over 80 temperature and humidity monitoring devices across Charlestown and Speers Point as part of the Smart Liveable Neighbourhoods project. The data from these devices will be used to broaden our understanding of how microclimates correspond with the built and natural environments.

How to become an Adopt a Sensor Citizen Scientist

If you would like to adopt a sensor you will need to:

See signal strength details for your location


If you are interested in Adopting a Sensor, please contact Council by calling 4921 0333 or by emailing

Frequently asked Questions

What makes a good Adopt a Sensor candidate?

To arrange a site visit to test the signal strength and confirm a secure location contact Council by calling 4921 0333.

Is there any special equipment I need that is not provided?

In addition to the Adopt a Sensor kit that Council will provide, you will need a mallet (for knocking in a star picket), a pair of work gloves, an adjustable spanner and a smart phone (Android or iPhone).

When will the devices be available to test?

We hope to have the devices ready for deployment by mid April. We're still waiting on them to arrive from Europe and we'll need to run some tests first. Once you register your interest for the program we'll keep you updated about the availability date.

How can I find out more information about the program?

Council will hold a Device Deployment Workshop where all project participants are invited to attend and learn more about the project. The workshop will include details on how to choose the best deployment site for your device. The workshop location and time will be confirmed when project participants are finalised.

Do I have to sign anything?

All candidates will receive a formal agreement that will need to be signed and returned to Council (via email or in person).

How can I view my data?

The data will be available to view by June, if not earlier. Our project partners at UTS are busy developing the data portal at the moment.

Will my data be openly available to others?

Yes, the data from your adopted sensor will be openly available for anyone to access. The formal agreement asks you to confirm that you are happy for this to occur.

How long will the project run?

The project will run for two years to gather data over two summer periods.

What if I try deploying a device but my property turns out to have no viable signal?

While we would love for everyone to have the chance to Adopt a Sensor we can't fight physics. You may live in a gully or have tall buildings blocking the signal. We'll do our best to work with you to find a suitable spot but if we can't then unfortunately you will need to return the sensor to Council. If you are unable to return the device to Council, contact Council and we will get one of our Adopt a Sensor Officers to collect the device.

Will there be more sensors available in the future? I have friends who are interested

At the moment we have funding to cover this small trial. If it goes well we may be able to do more Adopt a Sensor initiatives in the future. We appreciate your support and really value your feedback on this trial as your thoughts will directly influence any future work we might undertake in this space.

Page last updated: 14 March 2019