North West Lake Macquarie

Council continues to identify opportunities to seek both private and public investment to support sustainable development of Lake Macquarie City. A key focus for us over medium term is accelerating the development of North West Lake Macquarie. This important area is the geographic centre of the Hunter and will be a focus for infrastructure investment.

Council believes the emerging housing and employment hub of North West Lake Macquarie is also integral to the delivery of the growth targets outlined in the Greater Newcastle Metropolitan Plan 2036.

Explore the opportunities identified in the seven key precincts of this catalyst area.

Teralba Precinct

Leveraging rail infrastructure is key in planning growth for Teralba

Boolaroo – Speers Point Precinct

Expanding the recreational and environmental amenity to boost growth

Cardiff Advanced Industry Precinct

Support innovation by strengthening the capacity of co-working and maker …

Munibung Precinct

Aligning local plans to facilitate urban renewal

Cardiff Mixed-use Precinct

Exploring opportunities for walkable, mixed-use communities

Glendale Retail and Sport Precinct

Opportunities for growth in the Glendale Retail and Sport Precinct

Glendale-Argenton Renewal Precinct

Medium-density and mixed-use development will help growth in the area

Page last updated: 24 April 2018