City maintenance

Council has a scheduled maintenance program to enhance the City's image and community safety. This cyclic program includes mowing of public parks and roadsides, boat ramp cleaning, waste collection and cleaning of public toilets. The works schedule listed is subject to weather conditions and other competing priorities.

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Council maintains more than 800 parks, foreshore areas and sporting fields, which are mowed on a rotational basis.

We mow grass in non-residential areas along the roadside, verges and in drainage reserves. This is done for the safety of motorists, cyclists and pedestrians.

Council does not mow residential footpaths. Property owners and occupiers are responsible for mowing the grassed footpaths and nature strips in front and beside of private, commercial or industrial property. Council relies on the goodwill of residents to maintain their footpaths, as this means ratepayer funds can be better directed to other services.


Roadside mowing is undertaken twice a year, with separate crews designated to cover the following areas:

Lakeside foreshore reserves

These areas are mown seven times a year, with highly-utilised areas, such as Warners Bay Foreshore and Speers Point Park, mown more often.

Parks, playgrounds and SQIDs

Mown seven times a year.

Sporting fields

Irrigated fields are mown weekly and non-irrigated fields are mown fortnightly, while the outer fields are mown seven times a year.

Boat ramp cleaning

Between November and March, we clean our 33 boat ramps five times.

Gravel roads

Due to wear and tear from traffic and rain, gravel roads require regular maintenance to smooth and secure the surface - this process is called grading. We work to a regular program and grade our 43km of gravel roads one, two or four times a year, depending on how busy the road is.

Public toilets

Council provides about 130 public toilet facilities across the City, including a number of accessible toilets. Scheduled cleaning of public toilets varies from twice daily to twice weekly (Monday to Friday) depending on their location. High-use public toilets (such as those at Lake Mac Beaches and along our foreshore reserves) are also cleaned Saturdays and Sundays.

Street sweeping

Scheduled street sweeping across our town centres and commercial areas varies from three times a week to once a week, depending on their location. Sweeping of the majority of suburban streets is completed twice a year.

Footpath sweeping

Scheduled sweeping of footpaths in commercial areas at the following locations is done daily Monday to Friday and on Saturdays:

Public litter bins

Public litter bins in parks, reserves and town centres are emptied on a scheduled program ranging from three times a week to once a week, depending on their location.

Public litter bins in high-use areas (such as those at Lake Mac Beaches and along our foreshore reserves) are also emptied on Saturdays and Sundays during the summer months.

Page last updated: 05 February 2019