Bush fires

Bush fire season is a time for everyone to exercise care and caution, and to be aware of bush fire activity in your area.

With three quarters of Lake Macquarie City identified as bush fire prone, being emergency ready and well-prepared in advance is your best defence. Having a plan when bush fire threatens life or property and knowing who to contact is vitally important in an emergency situation.

Is your house or land in danger of bush fire

If you live within 100m of bushland that is more than one hectare in size (about 12 house blocks) and the bushland is wider than 20m, you need to be aware of what you should do and where you should go in a bush fire.

The Rural Fire Service website has helpful information on creating your own Bush Fire Survival Plan.

The Living with bush fire fact sheet provides additional information on how you can prepare for bush fires.

It also has information on Neighbourhood Safer Places (NSP), which are a place of last resort for people during a bush fire. An NSP is an identified building or space within the community that can provide a higher level of protection from the immediate life threatening effects of a bush fire. Find the closest Neighbourhood Safer Places near you.

The following websites also contain a wide range of information relating to bushfire and emergency management:

Disaster assistance for bush fire victims

For more information on disaster assistance, please visit Emergency NSW.

Register for free emergency alerts

Lake Macquarie residents and businesses are encouraged to register with the Australian Early Warning Network to receive free emergency alerts via mobile phone (SMS), email and landline about severe storms, flash flooding, hail, damaging winds, bush fires and tsunamis which are likely to impact their local area.

Council will cover the registration fee of $9.95 per year for Lake Macquarie residents and businesses to use the emergency alert service.

Page last updated: 25 October 2015