At regular but unpredictable intervals, people around the world are affected by natural hazards. These may be caused by climate, geology, the environment or combinations of these. Much can be done to prepare for future disasters by being emergency ready.

Early warning networks

Find out about emergency warnings and alerts for residents and businesses

Emergency ready

Be prepared, stay informed and stay safe

Council's role in an emergency

Learn about Council's role during an emergency or disaster situation

Develop an emergency plan

Be prepared for emergencies by creating an emergency plan

Prepare an emergency kit

Learn about how to prepare for emergencies in Lake Macquarie

Business continuity planning

Ensure your business is able to operate during and following an emergency

Bush fires

Find out how to prepare for bush fires and emergencies in Lake Macquarie

Severe storms

Protect yourself, your property and know where to get help


Take steps to plan ahead and be prepared before and during a heatwave

Page last updated: 24 October 2015