Family day care educators

Are you an educator with a difference? Want to set up your home as a learning environment that is fun and nurturing for children? Why not become an educator with Lake Macquarie Family Day Care?

To be able to register as one of our educators, you need to:

If you would like to know more about becoming an educator with Lake Macquarie Family Day Care, please contact us on 4921 0156 or


Educators are required to obtain public liability insurance. Your house and car insurer also needs to be notified that you are running a small business from your residence. The insurer will then endorse your policy appropriately.

Fees and charges

Educators are able to determine their own fees and charges. Educators need to provide a copy of their fee schedule to all parents and the Coordination Unit prior to the commencement of education and care for children.

Support and resources

We visit and provide resources to educators on a regular basis. Our staff will work with you to assist with opportunities for training and professional development.

Policies and procedures

To have access to all of our forms, policies and procedures in full, have a look at our Family Day Care publications.


Page last updated: 01 August 2018