Morisset Cemetery

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Morisset Cemetery has older sections set aside in general, Catholic, Anglican, and Uniting (Presbyterian/Methodist) rows.

There are many unmarked graves of patients from the Morisset Hospital buried throughout the eastern side of the cemetery and a granite memorial wall has been installed in the cemetery to memorialise former patients. The wall has a large dedication plaque installed on the centre of the wall. It also has spaces on either side of the wall where memorial plaques can be placed for families who wish to memorialise their relatives individually.

All new burials are lawn burials and are set out in the general rows on the western side of the cemetery. Perpetual Interment Rights for plots are available for reservation and immediate need. Ashes can be interred (buried) in family graves by a monumental mason, grave digger or organised through a Funeral Director.

There are lawn sites located near trees that are unsuitable for burials where ash interments (burials) and headstones can be placed.

Ashes can be installed in the niche walls with a granite plaque.

Locked gates are installed at this cemetery and are not opened due to the cemetery's remote location and incidents of vandalism.


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