Catherine Hill Bay Cemetery

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Catherine Hill Bay cemetery has an eclectic setting with a mixture of monumental and lawn plots. Sections are set aside in general, Catholic, Anglican, Uniting and Presbyterian rows. All newly erected concrete beam lawn sites are general/non-denomination rows.

The cemetery has limited land space and as at 1 July 2022, Perpetual Interment Rights for plots are only available for immediate use/at need.  No reservations are available.

Ashes can be interred (buried) in family graves by a monumental mason, grave digger or organised through a funeral director.

Ashes can be installed in the niche walls with a granite plaque. Smaller memorial plaques (no ashes) can be installed on the sides of the niche walls.

Two memorial boulders are located at the front of the cemetery, where commemorative plaques (only) are placed. These memorial sites are suitable to remember family members who have had their ashes scattered or are buried interstate or overseas.

Locked gates are installed at this cemetery. They are not opened due to the cemetery's remote location and to negate further erosion of the grounds caused by vehicular access.


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