Wyee Sewer Scheme

  • Project typeSewer upgrade

In late 2014, the NSW Government announced a fully funded $26 million plan to connect Wyee to Hunter Water's sewerage system.

When complete 400 existing properties and businesses will be provided with a connection to the sewer system. This will replace existing septic systems in Wyee, and is expected to result in benefits to the environment, a reliable sewer service to the community and cost savings to individual property owners.

Construction began in August 2019. Hunter Water anticipates customers will start connecting to the new system from February 2021.

If you are a property owner in Wyee, view the FAQs below to find out more about how this project may affect you.

More information on the Wyee Sewer is available from Hunter Water or by calling 1300 657 657.

Frequently asked questions

My property will have the ability to connect to the Hunter Water sewer, do I have to connect?

We encourage all properties able to connect to the sewer to do so for the environmental and financial benefits. For a limited time, Hunter Water will waive the application fee for connecting your property to the sewer line, and we encourage property owners to take advantage of this cost saving.

We will also be conducting audits of your on-site sewage system to ensure it is performing in a satisfactory manner. The frequency of the audit inspections will depend on the risk of the system and disposal type and may attract a fee.

Should your system be determined to be operating in an unsatisfactory manner and you are located within 75 metres of the sewer line and connection to the sewer is possible, we may serve an order directing you to connect the property to the Hunter Water sewer line.

To aid you in your decision-making, we would encourage you to take into consideration the financial cost of operating your on-site sewage system.

How do I decommission my old septic tank and disposal area?

We recommend you retain documentation demonstrating that the contents of the septic and collection wells have been emptied in a lawful manner.

Disposal areas do not require any formal decontamination or decommissioning process, as the land will return to its natural state over time. However, should you plan to build structures over previous wastewater disposal areas, advice should be obtained from an engineer in relation to site stability.

Download our fact sheet(PDF, 221KB) for information on decommissioning your septic tank.

You can also download the NSW Health Guidelines for destruction, removal or reuse of septic tanks, collection wells, aerated wastewater treatment systems and other sewage management facilities for more information.

Can I reuse my old tank for stormwater collection and disposal system?

You can reuse your old septic tank/collection well subject to complying with NSW Health Guidelines for destruction, removal or reuse of septic tanks, collection wells, aerated wastewater treatment systems and other sewage management facilities.

What will happen to my approval to operate licence with Council once I connect to the sewer?

Hunter Water will provide Council with reports of properties that connect to the sewer. Based on these reports, we will cancel applicable licences and you will not receive any further correspondence. Should you receive a letter to renew your approval after you have connected your property to the sewer, you can provide evidence to us to confirm the property has been connected.

What will happen to my pump out charges once I connect to the sewer?

Hunter Water will notify us when your property is connected to the sewer. Your rates will then be adjusted to remove all pump out charges from the date of connection.

If the sewer is available to my property and I choose not to connect but later I want to extend will I need to connect to the sewer?

Yes, a condition will be attached to your development application directing you to connect the property to the sewer. Any new developments adding hydraulic load to an on-site sewage system, or reducing the available land for on-site disposal, will require the property to be connected to sewer. This includes adding bedrooms to a dwelling, or a granny flat to a property.

I have other questions relating to my on-site septic system, who can I talk to?

Call us on 4921 0333 and we will be happy to answer any questions relating to your on-site septic system.

I have other questions about the process of connecting to the Hunter Water sewer, who can I talk to?

Please refer to Hunter Water for more information or call Hunter Water on 1300 657 657.

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