Wangi Wangi Gun Emplacement Conservation and Interpretation

  • Project typeHeritage
  • Completion Date15 May 2021
Main Wangi Gun Emplacement.JPG

Council has received a grant from the NSW Government to undertake a conservation and interpretation project on the Wangi Wangi Gun Emplacements.


This grant was given under the 2019-2021 NSW Heritage Grants – Community Heritage (Community Engagement) grant scheme.

The Gun Emplacement site at Wangi Wangi played an important role in Australia's defence system during World War II at a time when invasion from Japan was considered a real possibility. The guns provided anti-aircraft protection for the Rathmines Catalina Sea Plane Base, where many RAAF officers were trained during the course of World War II. The site remains important to the ex-military personnel who trained and served at the base, along with the wider Wangi Wangi community, who regard it as part of their history and heritage.

This is a community-based project to train community members in vegetation management around heritage sites using Wangi Wangi Gun Emplacements as the training site. The structures are currently under threat of encroaching exotic and native vegetation which is damaging the brick work. Historic research will be undertaken with local members who will contribute toward the development of interpretive signage for the site. The aim of this project is to protect the site from further degradation from vegetation and promote tourism to and awareness of the local heritage site which could open up further funding opportunities for the Wangi Wangi and surrounding areas in the future.