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Building a more vibrant city

The Sugar Valley Library Museum, located on the corner of Northridge Drive and Portland Road, Cameron Park, will provide an engaging, innovative space at the forefront of public libraries in the region. The project will deliver an enhanced library experience where people can come together to learn, create and connect.

Council is working with the West Wallsend District Heritage Group to develop the museum collection and exhibition programs for the new facility.
The project will be funded by development contributions.

Key features

The new building will feature:

  • community lounge area reading and study spaces, children's area and access to new technology
  • museum exhibition and display area
  • collection storage for more than 7000 heritage items
  • conference room with kitchenette
  • volunteer area
  • landscaping featuring heritage items and design elements to reflect the area's history

Sugar Valley Library Museum

Artist impression of the Sugary Valley Library Museum at Cameron Park


Museum entry - Sugar Valley Library Museum

Artist impression of the museum entry at the Sugar Valley Library Museum


When will the work occur?

Construction is underway on the new Sugar Valley Library Museum.

Edgeworth Library will remain open until the new cultural facility is operational. Once construction is complete, library services at Edgeworth will relocate to the new building.


Concept design and community consultation
December 2020-July 2021
Development application approval
July 2021-October 2021
Finalise tender documentation
November 2021-January 2022
Competitive tender process
Early 2022
Construction began
Late 2022
Official opening


In May 2022, a new and unique website 'Storyplace' that tells important stories from throughout regional launched. It feature collections from Lake Macquarie, including from West Wallsend and District Heritage Group Inc. and Morisset Hospital Museum with further items from Lake Macquarie and District Historical Society and Caves Beach Surf Club being added over the next few months.

This project is a key stepping stone towards the opening of the Sugar Valley Library Museum where Lake Macquarie’s historic collections will find a home and our communities will be able to engage physically and digitaly with the significant objects from our past. 


Where will the new library be located?

The new library will be located at the corner of Portland and Northridge Drive, Cameron Park.

Why are you calling it Sugar Valley Library Museum?

The name Sugar Valley is in reference to the valley area surrounding Mount Sugarloaf.

Why is a museum planned for this location?

The Sugar Valley Library Museum will be the Hunter Valley’s first converged library and museum building, fusing contemporary library services, technology and community facilities with opportunities to celebrate, promote and captivate – presenting the West Wallsend story through exhibition and display.

Virtual underground is coming

A Virtual Reality immersive experience of the Killingworth Colliery is currently in development for the opening of Sugar Valley Library Museum.

Visitors will immerse themselves in the heritage of the Killingworth Colliery, traveling along mine tunnels, finding historic tools and objects while learning about working at the mine.

This VR experience is proudly funded by NSW Government.


When is the new building expected to be complete?

Construction of the Sugar Valley Library Museum is expected to start in early 2022 and take about 10 months to complete. We anticipate the new facility will officially open to the public in late 2022.

Has Council consulted with the community on this project?

Consultation on the Arts, Heritage and Cultural Plan identified a need for a contemporary library space in the Sugar Valley region.

In 2020, we consulted with the community on the draft concept designs for the facility. A summary of the consultation can be viewed at

Why is Council relocating the library from Edgeworth to Cameron Park?

The building at Edgeworth is no longer fit for purpose due to insufficient space, limited parking and increased traffic impacts in this

The Lake Mac Libraries Strategic Plan 2019-2024, highlighted the opportunities a converged Library Museum would bring to the north-west of the City, with opportunities for engaging interpretations West Wallsend’s community history and mining heritage.

Will Edgeworth Library still be open during this time?

Yes – services will continue from Edgeworth Library until the Sugar Valley Library Museum opens.

When will Edgeworth Library close?

Edgeworth Library will continue to operate until the new Library Museum opens its doors, in late 2022.

How will long-time users of Edgeworth Library be supported through the changes?

Council is in discussions about a plan of transition for users of Edgeworth Library who may be impacted by the changes. A range of
options including increased access to home library and mobile library services via The Rover are being considered.

This plan will be developed and communicated closer to the time that Sugar Valley Library Museum is operational.

What will happen to the Edgeworth Library building?

Edgeworth Library will remain a community facility. Once the Library has been decommissioned, we will run an expression of interest process for a community group or service to lease the facility.

Will there be a bigger collection to browse and borrow?

The collection will be responsive and driven by customer use and requests. There will be a focus on improved browsing, collection
display and turnover, fostering a love of reading and building literacy outcomes in the City’s north-west.

Will there be opportunities to volunteer?

Yes - community members will be invited to join the Art, Culture and Tourism volunteer team. Volunteer recruitment will be run via leading up to the opening of the new facility.


Contact details

Major Creative Projects Innovation Coordinator Jo Smith
02 4921 0333


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