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The wait is over for one of the world’s most spectacular events as the Air Race World Championship prepares to take off into Lake Macquarie skies on 18-20 November 2022.

Lake Macquarie is the home of reigning Air Race World Champion Matt Hall and it is the first time that an Air Race event has been held in Australia since Perth in 2010.

Keep up to date with information for residents and businesses as event planning continues.

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Frequently asked questions

General information

What is the Air Race World Championship (ARWC)?

Air Race is building on the incredible legacy that the Red Bull Air Race leaves behind.

Some of the world’s best pilots will compete in the Air Race World Championship – navigating a challenging racetrack made up of inflatable air gates, pilots race against the clock in a bid for the fastest possible time.

Lake Macquarie is the third of five host cities to have been confirmed for the 2022 series, along with and Goodwood in the UK (9-10 July) and Jakarta (15-16 October). It’s also home to Matt Hall – the reigning world champion!

Air Race is introducing new sustainability measures to the event. They are working with aerospace energy technology partners to embrace the latest developments in alternative, low-emission, renewable aviation fuels.

Read more about the Air Race World Championship.


When is the event being held in Lake Macquarie?

The proposed race dates for Lake Macquarie event are 18-20 November 2022.


Where is the event being held?                                                                             

ARWC has scoped potential sites on Lake Macquarie. The race course, VIP and public viewing areas will be finalised following a final site visit and the submission of a development application to Lake Macquarie City Council.


Who is hosting the event?

Dantia, Lake Macquarie’s economic development organisation, has signed a host city agreement with Touchpoint Group, the operators of ARWC.

The event has received $2.5 million in funding through the NSW Government’s Regional Events Acceleration Fund. The $40 million Regional Events Acceleration Fund is part of the $2 billion Regional Growth Fund, designed to support growing regional centres, activate local economies and improve services and community infrastructure for regional communities.


What is Council’s role in hosting the event?

Lake Macquarie is the host city for the Australian leg of the ARWC. Council is the approval authority for the race development application and will promote tourism and business opportunities arising from the event.


How long will Lake Macquarie be hosting an ARWC event?

Dantia has signed an agreement for Lake Macquarie to host the 2022 event with an option to host ARWC again in 2023 and 2024.

Information for residents and businesses

Will there be closures of public areas?

There will be a restricted event zone for ticket holders, however as part of the Host City Agreement, ARWC has committed to also providing free event viewing areas for the public.

Some changed road conditions may be required around the event area. Affected residents and businesses will be informed of alternative access arrangements when the event site is confirmed.

Information for spectators

How do I buy a ticket for the event?

Keep an eye on the Air Race World Championship website for details of tickets sales.


Where can I find out more about the event program?

For more information on the event, visit the ARWC website.

Council will have information about supporting events on our website and social media pages once arrangements are confirmed.


Can I watch from outside the event area?

Non-ticketed public viewing areas will be available as part of the Host City Agreement. More information on these areas and how members of the public can access them will be available closer to the event. There will be a non-ticketed on-water public viewing area from which spectators on boats can watch the event.

Travel information

Information on how to get to and from the event will be available once the event site is confirmed. 

Event benefits

What are the immediate and ongoing benefits of this event?

The staging of the ARWC will put Lake Macquarie on the international stage, showcasing our lake and city to the world. This will have significant benefit to our visitor economy, positioning the city as a tourist and major event destination.

ARWC has attracted viewers in 187 countries and been broadcast to an audience of over 230 million viewers, with over 2.3 billion media impressions worldwide in its most recent season.


Economic benefits

A business case prepared by Dantia shows that the event will inject more than $8 million into the Lake Macquarie economy.

Key economic benefits include:

  • 157,000 visitors to Lake Macquarie
  • 2500 bed nights for air race staff
  • $1.6 million local spend on race from infrastructure and logistics
  • $2.3 million local spend on spectator infrastructure and amenities
  • $2.5 million in wages and salaries

As part of the race agreement, ARWC is committed to a local procurement policy that ensures a minimum spend of $4 million on equipment and services from local suppliers.


Educational benefits

ARWC will run a STEM education program in conjunction with the event, encouraging young people to consider careers in engineering, design and aviation.

The organisation will award scholarship packages to the value of $15,000 to local youth including an ARWC experience flight with Matt Hall Racing.


How can I best leverage opportunities for my business from this event?

Council and Dantia will work with business support organisations to provide tips and advice for Lake Macquarie businesses to help them get ‘event ready’ and take advantage of opportunities that will arise from the staging of ARWC in Lake Macquarie. 

Information on supporting events

What other community events will be held in conjunction with the ARWC?

Associated events and activities will include:

  • An Aviation Village showcasing drones, flight simulators, robotics and access pilots and planes
  • A STEM program to engage schools, colleges and universities in the local area
  • Scholarships to support the next generation of aviation professionals

Council will have information about other supporting events on our website and social media pages once arrangements are confirmed.

Information for accommodation providers

How do I get my accommodation listed for this event?

Accommodation providers can list on the Visit Lake Macquarie website as part of the Lake Macquarie tourism partnership program.   

How to join:

What are the costs of the Partnership Program?

You can join our Partnership Program for a flat fee of only $175 (incl. GST, pro-rata rates available).

A variety of additional marketing opportunities will be available for you to participate in the Lake Macquarie tourism partnership program throughout the year.


I'm considering offering my property as short-term rental accommodation?

Here is the process:

  1. Check your property meets the fire and safety requirements
  2. Familiarise yourself with the Code of Conduct
  3. Register your property through the NSW Planning Portal
  4. Advertise your property on booking platforms such as AirBnB, Vrbo and there are other platforms available. There are ongoing booking fees with these platforms. 






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