Local Government Elections 2021

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Lake Macquarie City Council's election was administered by the NSW Electoral Commission.

Voting closed at 6pm on Saturday 4 December 2021.

Results of the candidates will progressively be declared between 21-23 December 2021.

What are the key dates?

The Local Government Elections have been postponed by 3 months and rescheduled to 4 December 2021.

New dates include:

25 October
Electoral roll closes (6pm)
25 October
Candidate nominations open
3 November
Candidate nominations close (12pm)
3 November
Registration of electoral materials commences
5 November
Caretaker period commences
22 November
Pre-poll voting opens
29 November
Postal vote applications close (5pm)
3 December
Pre-poll voting closes (6pm)
4 December
Election day (8am-6pm)
17 December
Return of completed postal vote certificates closes
21-23 December
Progressive declaration of results

Where can I see the results?

The counting of votes commenced after polls closed at 6pm on 4 December 2021. The results page will be updated progressively as results come in.

Information on how ballot papers are counted for this election is available online NSW Electoral Commissions.

What happens if I did not vote?

Voting is compulsory for Lake Macquarie City residents.

If you do not vote and you don't have a valid reason, you will be fined $55 by the NSW Electoral Commission. Apparent failure to vote notices are distributed within three months of an election event.

Council does not issue the fines and more information about penalties for not voting is available at NSW Electoral Commission.

Guide for candidates

Nominations to become a Councillor closed on Wednesday 3 November and voting has now closed.

If you are elected you will need to be available for the following dates for Councillor inductions and professional development:

Friday 24 December 2021
2 hours (morning)
Thursday 6 January 2022
 5 hours (evening)
Saturday 8 January 2022
Full day
Friday and Saturday 21-22 January 2022
Two full days
Thursday, Friday and Saturday 3-5 February 2022
Three full days
Monday 7 March 2022
Councillor briefing session (evening)
Friday and Saturday 1-2 April 2022
Two full days
Monday 2 May 2022
Councillor briefing session - extended (evening)