Creative Industry Seed Grant

 Tracy Thomas at her Fishing Point studio

The Creative Industry Seed grant funding demonstrates Council’s support and leadership in working with, and facilitating development of, culture and creative industries in the City.

The program aims to:
  • support initiatives that strengthen and expand Lake Macquarie's cultural and creative industries
  • foster diversity within the industry
  • cultivate emerging artists
  • stimulate high quality creative activity
  • provide opportunities for creative participation

Creative projects can include, but are not limited to; visual arts, music, creative writing, publishing, performance, theatre, multimedia, film. 

Funding is available in amounts over $500 and up to $1,500 with a total funding pool of $15,000 available in this round.

Categories of funding available:

1. Creation of new work
To support the creation and or delivery of new work that can be exhibited, published, presented or performed, the delivery of events, workshops and seminars of an arts and cultural nature.

2. Professional development
To provide opportunities for the development of skills through professional workshops, supporting costs associated with artist residencies, mentorships, academic research or coursework within the creative sector. This category also includes creating business or marketing plans and building an online/digital presence.

For more information about each category, the funding criteria and the application process, please read the funding guidelines.



Step 1.Submitting your application

Applications for 2021 are now closed.

Step 2.Contact

For assistance with applications or for any questions, please contact:

Kattie Bugeja (Tuesday - Friday)
Urban and Public Art Curator
02 4921 0241    


Key dates:

Funds distributed: May 2021

Project timeframe: May 2021 – 31 June 2022

Summary/acquittal due: 31 June 2022