Donations and financial assistance

Not-for-profit groups and organisations that have significant local membership or participation, and/or are undertaking a project that shows significant local benefits, may be eligible for a donation or financial assistance from Council.

Council will consider each request on an individual basis against the eligibility and assessment criteria requirements of this program. The maximum allowable donation per financial year under this program is $2,000.


Step 1.Review our policy

Take a moment to read our Funding Assistance Policy(PDF, 141KB) to ensure your group and project are eligible.

Step 2.Gather your documents

Applications must be accompanied by a number of documents, including evidence of non-for-profit status and a Certificate of Currency from your insurers certifying a minimum of $20 million public liability coverage.

Step 3.Apply

Once you have determined that you are eligible and have the associated documents, you may apply online. You'll need to upload electronic versions of the required documentation in order to complete your application.

Applications must be submitted online via SmartyGrants.

Apply now