Circular Economy

circular economy

We're leading the way with our Circular Economy Policy and Framework(PDF, 8MB) the first of its kind by a council in Australia. This places the City and the wider Hunter region in a great position in the midst of the global shift to a Circular Economy that is aiming to:

  • Design out waste and pollution
  • Keep products and materials in use at their highest possible value
  • Regenerate natural systems.

Applying our Circular Economy principles will provide a way for us to build greater resilience within our businesses and communities and aligns to our focus on innovation and thought leadership.

One of the projects we’ve recently applied these circular economy principles to is the upgrade of Pearson St Mall, where we reused the previous pavers, instead of sending to a recycler.

We’re also working on a low carbon road project with HunterWater, Edge Environment and Sustainability Advantage to explore different materials we may be able to use in our roads. Looking at it from a carbon, water intensity and ecotoxicity perspective, we are exploring glass, tyres, fly ash, toner, plastic and recycled concrete as possible solutions. It’s another exciting initiative that we will share once we complete our investigations.

Our region has a wonderful opportunity to lead the way - we have highly skilled technical and creative manufacturing industries, as well as expertise and skills that lend themselves to circular economy industries.