Turning waste into art

Published on 29 October 2020

La Belle by Julie Moakes for Waste to Art 2020.jpg

Sustainable Neighbourhood’s Waste to Art exhibition is now open at SEEN@Swansea. In its third year, the exhibition is a celebration of creativity, exploring the way artists re-use waste and garbage to create art.

Lake Macquarie City Council’s Manager Community Partnerships Andrew Bryant said the exhibition challenges perceptions of waste.

“The significance of these artworks is that they prompt us to consider how we might be over consuming,” Mr Bryant said.

“I encourage the Lake Mac community to visit the exhibition and take the time to think about how they can reuse the items and materials that are around them to create a more sustainable future.”

The exhibition will feature over 40 artworks, created by community members, artists, groups, school students and preschool groups from across the region.

One of the artists, Mardi Lee, will exhibit her piece DarNet, which looks at the colour spectrum of waste and the various textures and materials that rubbish comes in.

“Rubbish and waste have become entrenched in our current way of living,” Ms Lee said.

“I hope my artwork will be the impetus for personal and community change in how we think about waste.”

The Sustainable Neighbourhoods program empowers community members to act on local environmental, sustainability and community initiatives. Sustainable Neighbourhoods offers a range of practical waste minimisation activities such as the Lake Macquarie Repair Cafe, Eco Angel clean-ups, Boomerang Bags sewing workshops and more.

Sustainable Neighbourhood’s Waste to Art will be open daily 10am-2pm until Sunday 13 December. Entry is free

Go to sustainableneighbourhoods.org.au for more information.