Tell us why your business calls Lake Mac home

Published on 15 June 2020

Lake Macquarie’s North West Catalyst Area sits at the geographic heart of the Hunter Region.

It won’t just be a focal point for new business and industry – it will set the benchmark for liveability for the next generation of Lake Mac residents. It’s also the area that is set to spearhead our City’s push to become a leader in digital transformation. Super-fast internet and telecommunications infrastructure in growth areas will pave the way for development of next-generation health, manufacturing and data industries.

Attracting high-tech businesses to Lake Macquarie will halt the brain drain to Sydney and other capital cities, helping keep our promising young talent here where it belongs.

Embracing technology throughout the City will demonstrate our commitment to becoming a smart city, respectful of its past, aware of its present and excited about its future.

But we know we can’t do it alone.

The Hunter Research Foundation Centre is working with us to better understand what businesses and workers look for in calling Lake Macquarie home, or supporting their staff working remotely. The Centre is looking to engage businesses who have moved to, or are considering moving to, Lake Macquarie. This research will provide important information for Council on how to build and support a stronger local economy.

Are you:

  • A business that has recently relocated to Lake Macquarie?
  • A business that is outside of Lake Macquarie considering relocation?
  • A business supporting, or looking to support staff, to work remotely from Lake Macquarie?

If so, we would appreciate hearing your experiences for this study.

Please contact Kris Giddy on (02) 4055 3108 or