Draft plans for parks and sports set to guide outdoor play in Lake Mac

Published on 25 May 2021

Hunter Track Classic.jpg

The future of the renowned active lifestyle of Lake Macquarie has become clearer with three draft strategies now on public exhibition that detail a long-term vision for the City’s parks and playgrounds, sports facilities and amenities.

Over the last six months Council has explored how residents and visitors will likely experience recreation spaces in the future. The draft Parks and Play, draft Public Amenities and draft Sports Strategy set out plan to improve these spaces and infrastructure across the City.

Lake Macquarie Mayor Cr Kay Fraser said that Lake Macquarie City’s parks and play spaces are cherished by our community and provide places for recreation, relaxation and connection.

“Our community is renowned for having an active lifestyle and are a passionate sports community that enjoys a healthy culture of sport through all levels of participation and competition. These three important strategies set the direction for decision making and the delivery of essential community assets and infrastructure,” Cr Fraser said.

“Outdoor spaces contribute to who we are as a community and is an important feature of our vibrant and active lifestyle. We all use these areas, whether it’s families at our playgrounds, individuals using the space to exercise, teams playing local sport or residents enjoying our environment for relaxation. It’s important that we take a long-term vision to ensure we can continue to improve these spaces and cater for community needs well into the future”.

The draft Parks and Play Strategy aims to provide the City with a long-term vision and framework for the provision, enhancement and use of our parks and play spaces. As part of providing parks and play spaces for the community, the draft Public Amenities Strategy will focus on the delivery of safe, clean and accessible public amenities for parks and play spaces.

The draft Sports Strategy aims to provide a 20-year strategic framework including key recommendations to enhance the sporting experience for current and future residents of the City.

The three draft strategies together look to enhance the recreation and play opportunities for residents and visitors, as well as improving facilities that will attract a growing sports tourism market to the city and the Hunter region.

Council’s Manager Asset Management Brendan Callander said Council places enormous value on our parks and playgrounds, public amenities and sports facilities and the vital role they play in people’s lives.

“We are lucky to have some incredible facilities, parks and playgrounds right around our City. These draft strategies provide a framework for Council when we plan for the future of our assets and will help ensure we continue to maintain and deliver attractive meaningful, beneficial and sustainable spaces for the community.”

“We want to hear from the community and users of these facilities to make sure the draft Strategies are on the right track prior to adoption,” Mr Callendar said.

The draft Parks and Play Strategy, draft Public Amenities Strategy and draft Sports Strategy will be on public exhibition until 21 June 2021. Community members can head to shape.lakemac.com.au to view the draft Strategies and to provide feedback.