Draft plan sets ambitious sustainability framework for Lake Mac

Published on 19 December 2019

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An ambitious framework for sustainable planning, decision-making and action aims to ensure Lake Macquarie remains one of the most liveable and ecologically diverse cities in NSW.


The draft Environmental Sustainability Strategy and Action Plan (ESSAP) outlines how natural resources can be enhanced and protected.


Lake Macquarie City Council Manager Environmental Systems Tim Browne said the plan also highlighted the importance of providing services and facilities that promoted a sustainable lifestyle.


“Reducing our energy consumption, improving air quality and protecting our natural environment requires a determined, long-term effort, with co-operation between a wide range of stakeholders,” Mr Browne said.


“This demands an ambitious response, practical steps and informed, evidence-based policy.”


The draft ESSAP details 22 targets and 126 management actions designed to create a sustainable City, promote responsible consumption and production, enhance Lake Macquarie’s natural landscape and support resilient communities.


They range from rehabilitating sand dunes and wetlands to partnering with industry and the community to improve water quality and the health of aquatic ecosystems.


“We have worked extensively with the community to develop this draft plan, but we are keen to hear further feedback on the specific issues it identifies,” Mr Browne said.


The draft Environmental Sustainability Strategy and Action Plan 2020-2027 is on exhibition at shape.lakemac.com.au until March.


An accompanying online survey aims to gauge support for issues and actions outlined in the document.


Mr Browne said the public exhibition period would include a series of February workshops, designed to get further community feedback and raise awareness of the strategy and action plan.