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Published on 17 May 2022

Mexico-born street artist Goya Torres has travelled the world, with her works adorning walls near and far.

But after searching the globe for a place to call home, Goya couldn’t look past the wonders and opportunities Lake Macquarie has to offer.

“I believe artists should go local so that you can go global,” Ms Torres said.

“Local communities really value art and I discovered that Lake Macquarie has such a high calibre of art and creative spaces which I loved.”

The Macquarie Hills artist is making her presence known, with a new mural capturing the eye of passers-by in Toronto.
Toronto mural.jpg

The spray-painted spectacle intertwines Lake Mac’s Awabakal culture and local wildlife through three impressive faces. 

“This mural really represents that innocence of kids and their spirit animals and the vegetation around them which represents that link with nature.”

“With so many art exhibits and beautiful beaches and nature reserves, I found it very easy to draw inspiration.”

Booragul’s iconic Museum of Art and Culture, yapang is a popular stomping ground for Goya, who draws creativity from other artists.

“I went there straight away when I arrived here and I loved the exhibit which showcased HSC art – I was blown away,” Ms Torres said.

“The Museum of Art and Culture is so beautiful with its cafe and serene outside area.

“I think it’s an important place for artists to go and see exhibits from not only here or Sydney but also works from overseas.”

With an inspiring program of art exhibits, workshops and a passion for embedding indigenous art, MAC is a modern space for artists.


Close by, Speers Point’s Multi-Arts Pavilion, mima is offering an entirely different artistic experience – hosting performance workshops, open studio sessions and more.

The open space often uses a light to convey art and create vivid imagery during events.  

The use of lighting and more performance art really impressed me,” Ms Torres said.
String musicians performing at MAP mima for the Freeman of the City ceremony (8).jpg

Art is embedded throughout Lake Macquarie through open studios and art exhibits.

The Create Lake Sculpture Trail takes residents on an artistic adventure through Warners Bay to Eleebana.

“I feel lucky that we chose Lake Macquarie because there is so much support for artist and everyone listens to what us creatives need,” Ms Torres said.


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