Lake Mac Private Hospital keeps care, skills in region

Published on 13 September 2021

Lake Macquarie Private Hospital’s emergency department is not a place most people want to be.

But once they’re there, they are certainly glad it exists.

Since opening five years ago, the Hunter Region’s only private emergency department has grown to treat more than 12,000 patients a year, with plans for further future expansion to meet community demands.

The ED fronting the Pacific Highway in the central suburb of Gateshead is the first port of call for many visitors to the hospital, but it’s often not the last.

Lake Macquarie Private Hospital and its sister facility Warners Bay Private Hospital 7km away have each served our region for almost 50 years, and treat a combined 35,000-plus patients a year.

Specialty disciplines include cardiovascular care, orthopaedics, oncology, rehabilitation and mental health.

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“The benefits of being based here in Lake Macquarie are great, both from a geographic and demographic point of view,” CEO Leah Gabolinscy says.

“Many of our patients are from the region. It’s accessible, it’s close, and of course our staff both live and work here, so we have a strong sense of community.

“And with the services we provide, we’re doing procedures that people years ago would have had to travel to Sydney for.”

Lake Macquarie Private Hospital is one of the largest private hospitals in NSW outside Sydney, and plans are underway for further expansion.

Ms Gabolinscy says that will create jobs, drive innovation in the City and ensure medical specialists and other professions either stay here or move here to work.

“We’d like to increase availability and accessibility for our doctors by providing more operating theatres, and we also have a very important oncology service that we provide to the region,” she says.

“Creating a more centred oncology service in one location is one of our goals.”

Lake Macquarie and Warners Bay Private Hospitals, owned by Australia’s largest private hospital operator Ramsay Health, are among Lake Macquarie’s largest employers, with a combined workforce of more than 1000 nursing, allied health, medical specialist and support staff.

“It’s really important for us to keep that expertise in the region and to make sure community members don’t have to travel to other parts of the state – in particular Sydney – to get this level of care,” Leah says.

“People caring for people is our motto. It’s what we work to every single day, it’s what we talk about every single day, and it’s ingrained in our culture.”

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