Thank you Yingping

Yingping, brings joy to the people in our community, sharing her culture through dance.


Yingping is an entertainer at heart! She started dancing when she was seven years old and it’s been her passion ever since. A retired engineer, she’s driven to make people happy through her art and her positivity is contagious, “I dance when I’m happy and I dance when I’m having a bad day… it always seems to bring a smile to my face and I love to lose myself in the music.”

Her range is impressive and inspiring. She’s been performing for over 50 years and is not afraid to step outside her comfort zone; tackling everything from classical Chinese dance to folk, modern and even belly dancing.

She recalls a recent event where she was asked to dance. “I was the lucky last performer. The audience loved my dancing, I had children copying my moves and singing along with the music. It is so rewarding to see people cheer and get involved.”

Her skills are in demand, having performed at many of Lake Macs local festivals from Harmony Day to Seniors Week.  One of her stand-out memories was when a professional belly dancer of 17 years commented on her natural ability and complex choreography. She humbly claims not to be a professional dancer and she’s compelled to keep learning. “I’m retired now so I have plenty of time to continue my studies in dance and I look forward to expanding my skills.”

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