Thank you Michelle

Michelle, developed a life changing innovation that’s become world famous

For Michelle, necessity really was at the heart of her globally successful innovation. Eight years ago when she carried out a world-wide search for a sensory-based garment to help her son Jett with his autism, she came up empty-handed. Not one to sit back and wait for answers, she decided to use her textile and manufacturing background and put her entrepreneurial skills into action and create her own.

After developing a lightweight, breathable sensory based fabric that could be used to create wearable therapy, she designed a prototype vest from her kitchen table, which was trialled on her son.

“Over the course of a week I kept him in the vest 24/7 and watched as his meltdowns diminished and then vanished. The results were amazing.He was more focused, his communication improved, he was happier, calmer and he was finally sleeping through the night. I began manufacturing and shipping the vests from my garage.”

Fast-forward to today and JettProof is now a multi-award-winning business, manufacturing innovative sensory clothing, and providing a lifeline for individuals and families with neurological conditions like autism and anxiety.

“A highlight of this journey was my TEDx talk on JettProof in Canada. I helped a Canadian celebrity eliminate his anxiety with JettProof. The next day, they sent a helicopter to pick me up and take me to a board meeting!”

With the world knocking at her door, Michelle chooses to live and work in Lake Macquarie basing her business and manufacturing hub in Gateshead. “With the picturesque lake and beaches, it’s a wonderful place to live. It’s also an excellent location to manufacture and export. I have some incredible mentors. I love the community spirit here, and you can’t beat a six-minute commute!”

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