Thank you Margo

Margo, helps us discover the natural wonders of Lake Mac, on the land and in the sea.


Margo is a self-described ‘scuba diving tragic’. By day she’s a Sustainability Engagement Officer at Lake Mac, running programs to get locals out into the bush and around our beautiful coast. In her spare time, she loves exploring observing and photographing marine life, “Most people wouldn’t realise that life underwater is seasonal like it is on land, it’s so fascinating.”

Margo has volunteered in a number of citizen science and community environmental groups giving her a deep understanding of the incredible biodiversity that exists in the natural world. She’s passionate about helping people appreciate the natural wonders that Lake Mac has to offer, to protect and enhance these shared treasures.

She works with the community to reduce the use of plastics and make Lake Mac cleaner and more sustainable. She’s also trained a group of seniors to carry out water quality testing in their local waterways. “They’ve become really passionate about our environment and really enjoyed identifying and recording water bug species each spring.”

Margo is driven by the team around her, especially the volunteers who donate their time and get their hands dirty to really make a difference. “I work with a very knowledgeable group of volunteers who complete vegetation surveys each spring and autumn” she says of Council’s Community Ecosystem Monitoring Program. “Their plant identification skills are amazing, and I am forever being gently chastised for incorrectly spelling plant names! I walk away from each survey with a smile from the friendly banter.”

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