Thank you Jessica

Jessica, helps us unearth our past and tell our unique stories


Jessica started working in museums when she was 18 years old, nerding out over ancient Roman coinage. From there she discovered her love of teaching people about the wonders of history.

Jessica delivers cultural programs across all of Lake Mac’s libraries, galleries, museums, and theatres. Her fascinating day-to-day duties involve planning exhibitions and donning the white gloves to care for extraordinary historical artefacts.  

She loves what she does - “Working with history and culture is all about people” - and describes it as helping people find a place and purpose in Lake Macquarie. That could range from finding a venue to hold an exhibition to running a workshop that inspires creativity. Sharing Lake Mac’s vibrant and diverse stories really floats her boat.

In 2020, during the lockdown period, the residents of a local aged care facility wrote a film script for an exciting and drama-filled murder mystery. Jessica and her team were able to assist them with filming locations and used Lake Mac’s theatres to host the ‘premiere’ event. “There was a red carpet, and paparazzi. The impact was profound. It provided a sense of purpose and excitement in a year of isolation. That was certainly a highlight for me.”

As Lake Mac’s unique story continues to evolve, Jessica hopes to continue helping locals celebrate our rich history and create a bright future. 

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