Thank you James

 James, is designing a bright future for Lake Mac

James was born and bred in Lake Mac and is proud of it. “I grew up in the area, sailing, fishing, and swimming in the lake.”

James helps to design community halls, libraries, and sporting complexes in Lake Mac, and he’s done plenty of ‘research’ over the years.

“I have distinct memories at the Rathmines Theatre facilities; spending time with my great-grandma, attending birthday parties and generally just causing chaos with my siblings! Helping design the renovations to the theatre was very meaningful.”

These days he loves putting his energy into making spaces that connect people, facilitating ‘real moments’ for the community. “The type of community facilities we provide are enjoyed and heavily used, they help form a sense of place and improve the everyday lives of our community members”.

The richness of our local culture was recently highlighted when James had the opportunity to be involved in the Fernleigh Awabakal Shared Track (FAST) site walk-through with Local Aboriginal Land Council representatives. “Listening to a Dreamtime story associated with Belmont Lagoon, learning about the bush tucker available during the different seasons and hearing the stories about life on the land was unforgettable.”

Lake Mac’s unique natural assets and location are what have kept him here all these years. “I love exploring the Watagans with my family, surfing at Redhead, mountain biking through Glenrock. These places provide opportunities for adventure in our own backyard.”

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