Thank you Dylan

Dylan, ensures that the voices of young people are heard.


You’d be hard pressed to find anyone more involved in the local youth community than Dylan Shoesmith. Dylan started advocating for young people in Lake Mac his first year out of high school. “Instead of just being an ‘armchair critic’, I decided to do my bit in the community and share my perspective as a young person living in the city.”

Dylan is now the Chair of Lake Macquarie Youth Council, a previous member of the NSW Youth Advisory Council and a member of the Youth Committee of the Hunter. He’s in awe of the tireless efforts of the people who make up our city. “Those who serve our community are so inspiring.”

But he wasn’t always so vocal. “I have a shy nature, so it took six months before I even uttered a word Now I am chairing the meetings, pushing myself out of my comfort zone.”

He sees the responsibility of the Youth Council as ensuring people under aged under 25 have their voices heard by local government. He helps policy makers understand the perspectives of young people, “After all, it’s young people who will either reap the rewards or bear the consequences of decisions made today.”

With his previous role on the NSW Youth Advisory Council, he has the opportunity to represent the young people of Lake Mac at a state level. He and his team provide advice to the Minister for Families, Communities and Disability Services and the not-for-profit sector. “This could be anything, from advocating for more mental health services for young people in regional NSW, to providing input on legislation before parliament.”

He is particularly passionate about tackling youth unemployment in the region. “I do it because I love it! I’m very passionate about our city and the wider Hunter Region and I want to see it grow into a more prosperous and liveable region, one in which is welcoming of all, and one in which you can live, get a good job and raise a family without having to move to another city.”

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