Thank you David

David, reduces food waste and grows epic sustainable and organic produce for our community.


When David Sivyer founded Feedback Organic six years ago, the concept was simple. Re-use local food waste to grow delicious, sustainable organic produce. As a fifth-generation farmer from the Allyn River, Halton, growing vegies was in his blood.

Based in Cardiff, Feedback Organic’s ‘urban farm’ diverts food waste from landfill and helps organisations align their missions to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals for 2030. “We’ve had amazing feedback from many individuals that support what we do.”

The beauty of Feedback Organic is in its simplicity. David and his team collect food waste from restaurants, cafes and hotels in Lake Macquarie and across the Hunter Region. It’s then converted into compost and used to grow more than 25 tonnes of fresh produce which is provided back to the community. As part of David’s role he drums up food waste donations, working with local councils, schools and large service organisations.

Feedback Organic has community values at its heart, and big plans in its future, with councils in Sydney now working with the organisation to process their food waste in urban areas. The great success so far has been made possible by the support of over 800 volunteers, and the opportunities are endless. “What makes Lake Mac a great place to live and work is the embracing of organisations like Feedback Organic – our community are accepting and supportive. It makes life great when you have a community like this!”

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