Thank you Daniel

Daniel is making our city beautiful inside and out.


As a street artist in his teenage years, Daniel met a lot of other young people that needed guidance and a safe place to paint. This drew him to his passion – helping people ignite their creativity and give back to their community.

Daniel runs arts programs across all parts of the community. He works with people with disability to help them build confidence and social skills. He also runs workshops with the local Aboriginal community, creating murals that celebrate their culture. “It’s so rewarding creating safe spaces where people are inspired to experiment.”

Daniel teaches young people he teaches the respectful and lawful way to make street art, helping them find a creative outlet that benefits the community.

Dan is also using art to change the lives of people with mental health challenges. “The most rewarding moment is seeing the look on people’s faces when they create an artwork that they are proud of.” He believes surrounding them with like-minded people, providing the opportunity to talk and listen to others helps these talented young people feel they are not alone.

Dan finds legitimate walls for artists to showcase their artwork and connects artists with start-up businesses in the creative industries. In his spare time, Dan paints murals over vandalised walls to make Lake Macquarie a more beautiful place to live. “I love living and working in Lake Mac! The people are passionate about pulling together to make sure our city is a beautiful and vibrant place to live.”

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