Community Refill finds a home in Lake Mac

Published on 13 September 2021

Gabby and Will Magin are the husband-and-wife duo behind Community Refill. With a passion for manufacturing organic and primarily plastic-free beauty, personal care and cleaning products, the couple established their eco-focused business in 2016.

community refill.jpg

“Gabby and I have a background in organic food manufacturing and we saw an opportunity to create a business,” Will says.

Community Refill offers locally made products that are refillable from the company’s shopfront in Warners Bay. Their brand ethos is to create a more circular consumer system, which doesn’t rely on excessive packaging that is thrown away as soon as the product runs out.

Community Refill, Warners Bay

“We export our products all over the world, to the United States, Europe, Canada and Singapore,” Gabby says.

“We moved our business to Warners Bay because we were growing and needed the space.”

The move to Warners Bay also allowed for a store-front and the opportunity to engage on a more personal level with customers.

 “People who come into the store are always happy to have a chat and share ideas about sustainability and the environment,” Will says.

For the couple it’s that connection to their customers that makes working in Lake Macquarie so special.

“Since opening, we’ve received a lot of positive feedback and support,” Gabby says.

“We’re really passionate about reducing single-use plastics, and it’s great to meet people in Lake Mac who share that passion.”

 “We’ve found the perfect spot, a place where our business can grow and a community that shares our values.”

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