Enrol my child

Contact us

When you have found an Educator and agreed on placement, contact us.  We will email you a link to complete your enrolment online.

Phone: 4921 0156

Email: familydaycare@lakemac.nsw.gov.au

Location: 81 Lakeview Street, Speers Point NSW 2284

Online enrolment

The enrolment email we send you will give you a personal login and access code. You can save your form and return to it at any time.

All forms and documents can be uploaded with your online enrolment.

You will receive an invoice for the one-off $100 non refundable enrolment fee. We appreciate you paying the invoice promptly to retain your child's position. 

You will need the following to enrol your child:

  • Up-to-date immunisation history statement
  • Child's birth certificate
  • Customer reference numbers  - claiming parent, and child (for child care subsidy)
  • Copy of any court orders / placement orders / parenting orders / parenting plan agreements (if applicable)
  • Medical condition/health care plan(PDF, 410KB)   (if applicable - completed by the child's registered Medical Practitioner
  • Media consent form(PDF, 81KB)

If you are having difficulty with any of these, or have any questions, please contact us to discuss.


Your total care fees are made up of your Educator's fees and charges, and a Council parent administration levy. Your eligible child care subsidy (CCS) is then applied to reduce the amount you pay up front - this is the 'gap fee'. 

Families must pay a gap fee to receive child care subsidy under family assistance law. You pay the gap fee directly to your Educator.

Fees are reviewed at least every 12 months. Your Educator should provide you with a full schedule of 'Fees, Charges and Conditions'. You must be given at least 1 months notice under scheme policy, of any changes to fees and charges, or the way in which these will be collected.

We strongly advise all payment arrangements be made electronically, so that an immediate record is made of all transactions.

Immunisation information

In NSW, you must provide a copy of one or more of the following documents to enrol in an approved child care service:

We are not able to accept any other form of documentation (such as the Blue Book).

You can obtain a copy of your immunisation details at any time by:

NSW Health have developed the Childcare and Pre-School Entry and Immunisation brochure to help parents understand immunisation enrolment requirements in childcare.

Birth certificate

You can start care if you do not have a copy of your child's birth certificate, however will need to supply this as soon as possible.
You can apply for a birth certificate at the NSW Registry of Births Deaths and Marriages.

Child care subsidy (CCS)

To assist with the cost of care you will need to register for child care subsidy (CCS) to access fee assistance.
There may be extra support available according to your situation (such as additional child care subsidy). Please see 'What other help is available' on the above link.
You may start care if you do not have customer reference numbers (CRN), however full-fee will apply until your eligibility can be confirmed.
Please contact Services Australia (Centrelink)  136 150  if you have any questions about your eligibility, or application, for child care subsidy.

Court orders

We are required to allow any parent of a child to enter the service. The only time an Educator is not required to allow entry is when permitting entry would:

  • pose a risk to the safety of the children and educator
  • conflict with any duty of the educator
  • the educator reasonably believes that permitting entry would contravene a court order

Health care needs, allergy and medical conditions

To support inclusion and safe care of children with a particular health care need, allergy, or medical condition, regulations require that a medical management plan is developed and provided (by the child's practitioner) that informs the service/Educator of practices to manage any specific health care need, allergy or medical condition.

An Emergency Action Plan might also be required:
Plans must be provided and discussed to identify if appropriately-supported placement is available, and before care can occur.
A child is not able to attend the service without medication prescribed by their medical practitioner.
A copy of our Medical Conditions Policy can be found in the 'Procedures' page of this site.