Swim Squad Training

Lake Mac Swim Centres offer affordable, quality squad programs to help your child achieve their personal swimming goals, whether your child wants to:

  • develop technique and endurance
  • train for competition
  • have fun keeping active

Our Squad programs at Charlestown, Swansea and West Wallsend Swim Centres are run by qualified coaches and instructors. Charlestown and West Wallsend programs run year-round.

Squad Timetable(PDF, 442KB)

Book a free assessment for your child

To enrol in Squad, your child will need to be assessed by our staff. This ensures your child is at the correct class level from their very first lesson. To book a Squad assessment, please contact the friendly staff at the Swim Centre you wish to enrol with.

Class progression


Training frequency: 1 times a week

FUNdamentals (Phase 1): development of fundamental swimming skills, building on key stroke techniques within a fun and structured environment. Students will also begin to develop general strength and endurance in this low intensity squad.


Training frequency: 2 times a week

Training to Train (Phase 2): Development of the student's fundamental movement skills and overall physical capacity. Students will engage in activities designed to develop speed, swimming-specific skills and aerobic base. Coaches will educate students on swimming etiquette and will introduce swimmers to suing the pace clock in training.


Training frequency: 4 times a week

Training to Compete (Phase 3): To optimise fitness preparation, competition-specific skills and performance. Students will learn competition skills under a variety of competitive conditions during training sessions. Coaches will begin to develop individual fitness preparations for students, including how and when to stretch, basic nutrition and appropriate hydration for swimmers.


Training frequency: 5 times a week

Training to Perform (Phase 4): Athletes in Gold Squad are trained to maximum performance and peak for major competitions. Training is high in both intensity and volume, with periodic training sessions developed in conjunction with competition-specific activities. Coaches actively plan recovery periods to prevent athletes over training.


Fees are paid in calendar month blocks, and the price is based on the number of sessions you book into each week. If you book into the Squad program mid-way through the month, the price is adjusted so that it only includes fees for the reminder of the month.

Number of sessions
 One session a week
$12 per session
 Two sessions a week
 $11 per session
 Three sessions a week
 $10 per session
 Four sessions a week
 $9 per session
 Five sessions a week
 $8 per session
 6-11 sessions a week
 $7 per session
 Corporate Fitness fee
$5.50 a week
 Casual Squad visit
 $16 per session
 Unlimited Squad sessions all levels
$150 a month

We do not run Squad sessions on public holidays and your monthly payments are adjusted accordingly.

Eligible parents, carers and guardians can use their Active Kids voucher to contribute to the cost of Squad sessions at Lake Mac Swim Centres. For more information or to obtain a voucher, visit sport.nsw.gov.au.

Our Instructors

Our instructors hold either AUSTSWIM (Teacher of Swimming and Water Safety) qualifications or qualification with the Australian Swimming Coaches and Teachers Association (Swim Australia Teacher). We have teachers with specialised qualification in infant and pre-school aquatics, adult learning, access and inclusion and competition strokes, to ensure your family has the best possible learing experience. In addition to professional qualifications, all Lake Mac Swim Centres program staff receive intensive in-house training to ensure that classes are delivered in accordance with our lesson plans, on-time and to the high standard expected at our centres.

Karen Leth - Charlestown Swim Centre

Karen began her coaching career at Ruth Everuss Aquatic Centre and was the assistant coach to Karen Moras. She has worked over the years with coaches such as Kim Taylor and Roger Whitmore, and has had open water age national, national age and state swimmers. Karen coaches junior and senior squads and was the Head Coach for the Lake Macquarie team in the 2017 International Children's Games in Lithuania and recently the 2018 International Children's Games in Jerusalem.