Check shark sightings

When a potential shark sighting occurs on our beaches, Council lifeguards follow our Shark Sighting Procedure.

This includes:

Assessing the initial report

Lifeguards assess the size of the potential shark, the distance from the shore that is was sighted and the duration of the sighting.

On-water investigations

Lifeguards will launch a personal watercraft and conduct an initial sweep of the area.

Sound alarm and close beach

If a sighting is confirmed, lifeguards will sound the alarm and close the beach for a minimum of one hour.

Place signage

In the event of a confirmed sighting, signage will be placed on site to alert beachgoers that a shark has recently been sighted. This signage remains in place until the following day.

Move the shark

Lifeguards will attempt to move the shark(s) further off shore.

Secondary sweep

A secondary sweep will be carried out 45 minutes after the beach is closed.

Consider the risk

If there is no further sighting, lifeguards will remain vigilant and consider reopening the beach.

For more information on how you can reduce the risk of an encounter with a shark, visit the Shark Smart website.