Register with the Early Warning Network

Register to receive emergency alerts for your area with Lake Mac's Early Warning Network.

Receive warnings for events such as severe storms, hail, damaging and destructive winds, heavy rain and flooding. You will also receive alerts for tsunamis, fire weather warnings and bush fire emergency warnings.

The Lake Mac Early Warning Network app is free to download through Google Play and the App Store, or you can sign up for SMS alerts. 

Receive alerts based on your physical location via push notification when connected to Wi-fi or mobile data.

This is a privately run system, which Council subsidises for its residents, businesses, schools, community groups, emergency service workers and employees.

Google Play

Get the Lake Mac Early Warning Network app via the Google Play store.


App Store

Get the Lake Mac Early Warning Network app through the App Store.


SMS notifications

You can also sign up to receive Early Warning Network alerts via SMS.

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Frequently asked questions

If I've already signed up for SMS alerts, will these stop if I download the app?

Yes. Residents who download the EWN mobile app and are also subscribed to SMS alerts will no longer receive SMS alerts.

If you would like to stay subscribed to the SMS alerts, contact Council on 4921 0333 or email

Are alerts available on landline?

Optional landline alerts (via recorded voice message) are available, however alerts are only sent to landlines in extreme life-threatening emergencies, such as major bush fires, major floods and tsunamis.

Am I eligible to receive free alerts if I work in Lake Macquarie but live outside the City?

Yes. If you work inside Lake Macquarie City, the EWN alerts that you receive will be based on the address you provide through registration. If you use the EWN mobile app, the alerts will be based on your actual physical location.