VibrantSCENE burgers

VibrantSCENE is a pilot program designed to support hospitality businesses within Lake Mac. The pilot is an innovative experiment, trialling new ways for the community and businesses to interact, allowing businesses to use Council-owned land to enable them to serve more customers safely.

The pilot is free of charge so if you are interested in co-designing a unique precinct for outdoor dining or a food van hamlet simply apply by completing the expression of interest form below.

Council will at all times be following the Australian and NSW Government COVID-19 guidelines in establishing these areas and businesses must have appropriate COVID Safe measures in place. Council will continue to work with the operators to ensure the safety of businesses and customers.

Further information about the pilot can be found in the VibrantSCENE program(PDF, 6MB) or via our frequently asked questions.

Outdoor dining

The outdoor dining part of VibrantSCENE will be undertaken in two parts. The first is looking at how Council can adopt the State Government’s Outdoor Dining Policy and its associated processes.

The second part involves businesses and Council staff coming together to design outdoor dining ‘precincts’ on Council-owned land (e.g. parks, road reserves, carparks, etc). Under the pilot program, existing hospitality businesses will be able to place outdoor furniture in these precincts, which will be designed to balance the needs of the community and businesses alike.

Food van hamlets

Similarly to outdoor dining, the VibrantSCENE program will see improvements for food van operators delivered in two streams. The first will involve an extension of operating hours from 8pm to 10pm.

The second stream will involve the creation of food van ‘hamlets’, allowing multiple food van operators to locate on a designated site at a designated time. Like the outdoor dining precincts, these hamlets will be designed by Council staff in collaboration with food van operators.


The VibrantSCENE program allows for placemaking improvements to be made such as fairly lights, outdoor gas heaters, outdoor music, use of alternative and decorative furniture. Council staff will work with participants of the VibrantSCENE program to explore what placemaking improvements can be delivered.