Outdoor Dining (VibrantSCENE) frequently asked questions

How much does it cost?

The pilot program will be fee free for businesses to join. For clarity, businesses will not be able to charge customers for the use of outdoor dining precincts or food van hamlets.

Where can we place outdoor tables?

Each proposed site will be assessed and Council staff will work with businesses to determine appropriate locations. The topography (e.g. slope) of the site will inform what type of furniture will be permitted.

How much space can we apply for?

There is no maximum or minimum area. Businesses using outdoor dining precincts must have line of sight between their business and the precinct.

Spacing allocated will be informed by COVID-19 physical distancing requirements and the businesses COVID Safe Plan.

How many people can we seat?

The number of seated people will depend on the area available and any restrictions under a business’s COVID Safe Plan.

Is it limited to just dining?

The initial pilot program is limited to food businesses, but will allow for those businesses to have other elements such as live music, lighting, heating etc to encourage use of these spaces.

Can we serve alcohol?

The service of alcohol will be considered on a case by case basis. Appropriate liquor licensing measures may apply.

How do you decide?

Each site proposed will be reviewed by Council staff recognising any existing site limitations. Once these have been identified staff will work with businesses to ensure the areas are appropriate and agreed to by both Council and the business. Considerations will include traffic management and safety, slope of the proposed site and impact to community.

How do I apply?

Businesses can apply using Council’s online EOI form. This should explain the area proposed and include some photos of the proposed site.

What are the risks for my business?

Risks to business will be identified under individual site assessments. All participating businesses must have the proposed area added to their public liability insurance listing Council as an interested party.

Can we decorate the area?

Businesses will be able to have temporary installations where appropriate, such as tables, heating, fairy lights etc. Each site will be co-designed by Council staff and the businesses to ensure their functionality and safety.

What if I have neighbouring businesses that don't want to participate?

For on-street dining utilising parking spaces, 75% of businesses must agree to the use prior to Council granting a lease for these spaces. For other Council land, potential conflicts will be identified through the individual site assessment and agreements.


If you have any questions, please contact the VibrantSCENE team on 4921 0333 or email council@lakemac.nsw.gov.au