About Fibre City

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Fibre City Lake Mac is a fibre optic network offering network speed of 1Gbps.

Read on to find out more about how Fibre City Lake Mac works.

How it works

Each service will have its own dedicated and uncontested connection, meaning businesses can access the same upload and download speeds via a super-fast, low latency connection. It supports the use of up to four products giving you the option to dedicate the full 1Gbps to a single service - such as unlimited internet - or split however you like across multiple services such as Internet, VPN, Voice and Could connectors.


Benefits for business

  • High speed - move data at lightning speed allowing for ultra-fast uploading and downloading
  • Unlimited Capability – flexible and dynamic business grade access to online services such as cloud connection, new experiences such as virtual reality, video quality streaming, to name just a few
  • Global connections – opportunity to connect your businesses internationally by quickly and securely exporting services to the world
  • Flexibility – allocate the entire 1 gigabit fibre-optic connectivity to a single service such as unlimited internet, or split it up to a maximum of four products
  • Superior reliability – delivered on enterprise-grade fibre network backed by a 24/7 business support team
  • Competitive edge – lead the way in your industry compared to competitors that are not connected to the network
  • Reduce operational costs – communication requirements, data infrastructure and connectivity costs will be reduced
  • No set-up costs - businesses who sign up for a long-term service agreement along the Fibre City route will have no set-up costs. If your business is not along the existing route, contact us to register your interest.

Benefits for our City and community

  • Economic benefit - help to retain and attract new businesses, entrepreneurs, government and institutions
  • High speed - reduces pressure on public internet networks once business traffic is shifted to the Fibre City one gigabit network
  • Increase jobs - more businesses will mean greater job opportunities, including career prospects
  • New opportunities – ability to learn and share information across schools, universities, medical precincts and research facilities
  • Real-time - new and exciting opportunities for a range of real-time events and festivals
  • Digital based community - creates improved networks between residents, workers, students, businesses and visitors.
  • Innovation - the possibilities are only limited by our imaginations with opportunities for creatives, makers and developers to collaborate over the Fibre City one gigabit network. Explore our Innovators Roadmap to find out more.


Who is eligible?

Phase one currently available in the Charlestown CBD followed by phase 2 available in the Cardiff CBD, Munibung Road heading towards Boolaroo and Speers Point in the coming months.

If your business is not on the existing route, please contact us to register your interest.

How does it work?

TPG is installing the fibre optic network via ducts and pits in the ground and then connecting fibre optic cables direct to individual buildings and businesses.

Fibre is flexible to suit your needs. Choose to allocate your service just to internet or you can split it across data, internet, voice or cloud.

More information

How do I connect?

If you are interested in connecting to Fibre City Lake Macquarie, reach out to TPG.

Is the Fibre City network secure?

Lake Macquarie City Council have partnered with TPG Telecom to construct and operate the Fibre network. TPG is a licensed telecommunications carrier and is required to comply with all current Australian legislation and regulations. TPG uses industry best practice in relation to the design and construction of its networks including in relation to cyber security and intrusion prevention.

Fibre City Lake Macquarie is a fibre optic carriage network that has inherent secure elements, in that it is a point to point carriage service so points at which unauthorised access can be obtained are limited. As with any IT or telecommunications connection, end users will need to ensure they have their own security measures in place (i.e. firewall, password protection, multi-factor verification etc.) in relation to their use of the service and as relevant for their business requirements.

What type of hardware does the network utilise?

As with all telecommunications providers, a mix of technology vendors are used to provide equipment to support a robust and reliable communications network. The vendor mix includes Cisco, Huawei, Ciena, Alcatel, and Metaswitch.

Can I choose the technology I want?

Yes, the fibre network has been designed in a way that allows customers to select the technology vendor of their choice if they have specific business requirements. Talk to your TPG representative to discuss your specific needs.

It supports the use of up to four products giving you the option to dedicate the full 1Gbps to a single service - such as unlimited internet - or split however you like across multiple services such as Internet, VPN, Voice and Cloud connector.


How is the fibre network different from a 4G or 5G mobile network?

The fibre network is a fixed line fibre optic network. Fourth Generation (commonly known as 4G) and Fifth Generation (commonly known as 5G) are mobile networks and are inherently different to the fibre network.

The fibre network is a fixed line network using fibre optic technology to connect end users where as 5G Mobile Networks use radio transmission technology to connect end users.

This revolutionary high-speed, high-performance fibre-optic data network will take your business to the next level with speeds of up to 24 times faster than the national average.

How much will it cost?

There is no charge for the installation of fibre from the street to your building premises - this is being provided free of charge by Lake Macquarie City Council and TPG.

The price for accessing individual services is considerably less that what is currently on offer in the market, with access to a 1Gbps port from $799 per month. This price is exclusive of GST and based on a 48-month term.

How reliable is the connection?

With a One Gigabit service, downtime is a thing of the past with TPG's 99.95% Service Level Agreement, a business-grade commitment to resolving issues within a four-hour window, backed by a 24/7 business support team.

Installation process

TPG has commenced installation of the Network in some areas of Lake Macquarie and will continue to increase the areas available for connection.

Network rollout

Phase one has been launched and available for businesses within the Charlestown CBD.

Phase two will be completed by July 2020 and available for businesses in the CBD of Cardiff, Munibung Road heading towards Speers Point and Boolaroo.

Managing install impacts

There expected to be no cost to building owners or businesses for the installation of the fibre.

The majority of the installation will be done via existing conduits and will only require the installation, haling and splicing of cable through underground ducts and into individual buildings. This will have minimal impact on footpath and street traffic, with little to no noise disturbance.

In certain instances, the installation will require the excavation of footpaths and/or roadways to create a new underground pit and pipe assets and the connection of fibre optic cables into individual buildings. This may result in temporary footpath or roadway closures, or partial closures, and some unavoidable noise, dust or vibration at times. While these impacts cannot be eliminated altogether, contractors will engage surrounding building managers, residents and businesses to schedule works at suitable times for all parties and do everything possible to keep any disruption to a minimum.

If any physical construction work is carried out outside a premise, the area will be fully restored once the installation has been completed in accordance with Lake Macquarie standards.